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NighTec started as an idea between two friends, Jochen Möller and Henning Mack, who believe nature can offer solutions to the many challenges we face. NighTec was founded in 2006 on this conviction and the belief that through high quality photoluminescent or noctilucent products, these challenges could be met. NighTec Industries is a German developer and manufacturer of industrial photoluminescent raw materials and semi-finished products. NighTec manufactures according to German industrial quality standards and delivers directly to the industry and manufacturers, who supply end users.

To date, phosphorescent products have largely been limited to the safety and toy industries with relatively weak noctilucent performance. NighTec products are different. They are highly luminous and maintain their noctilucent performance longer than eight hours, technical values for the safety industry exceed 40 hours . This allows for exciting new and innovative applications of photoluminescent products for the industrial and end user markets. Architects and designers can now incorporate designs that combine aesthetic appeal, safety and energy conservation.

NighTec’s core competencies include the development and high-quality manufacture of photoluminescent products, raw materials, paints and lacquers, resins and resin concentrates, granulates and foils. Two of NighTec’s key differentiators is the ability to provide seamless integration of its products and materials into its customer’s existing production processes and maximizing the photoluminescent performance of its customer’s end products. This is achieved through joint engineering and process development. Only through this optimization, is it possible for NighTec’s customers to quickly develop new applications for existing product lines and accelerate time to market of new noctilucent products.

In this catalogue, you will find a brief overview of NighTec products. Applications for NighTec products and raw materials are almost limitless. Please contact NighTec directly for specific ideas or product needs.

We are looking forward to making this world brighter!

NighTec – the inventors of light recycling

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